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MKT 1000

Triple melting tank

The faster you melt your chocolate, the sooner you can get to work. Or in other words: time is money, right?? That's why we designed these three robust melting tanks. Which one fits best in your lab, or artisanal or industrial setting? The single (MK), double (MKD), or triple melting tank (MKT)? As well as efficiency, your user-friendliness is key: the motor is under the kettle. This gives you maximum access to the kettle itself from the top. Drain manually or place an extra connection to the next machine in your production line. Need to melt even bigger blocks faster? What you need is the optional block melter. 


The MK, MKD and MKT:

  • have a capacity of 80 to 2500 kilograms (bigger models on demand)
  • are very robustly built and according to the applicable CE-standards
  • are equipped with a motor under the stirrer
  • have a manual draining valve at the front of the machine
  • the stirrer is equipped with a side and a bottom scraper


  • block melter
  • chocolate filter
  • chocolate pump with corresponding water-heated pipes
  • overflow detection
  • bucket support
  • colour touchscreen
  • extendable stainless steel step