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DR 800

Design robot

Good news! You don't need to be Picasso to make the nicest drawings and decorations from (imitation) chocolate and other sugar masses. The BETEC design robot does it for you, from decorative lines to names or even a whole drawing.

You choose the design on the touchscreen. The robot does the rest and gives your creations an artisanal look. It works in an enclosed space. This keeps the temperature at the right level and keeps you safely out of the way. A second bonus? The conveyor belt automatically feeds the creations in and out which means nobody needs to come near the robot. Connect the robot to your melting kettle, tempering machine or mobile mass container and you're ready to go.

BETEC builds robots to automate many applications and repetitive tasks such as packaging products, preparing polycarbonate moulds and decorating cakes with extreme precision.


The design robot:

  • is solid, robust and user-friendly
  • is custom-made to your application
  • works quickly, efficiently and precisely
  • meets all safety standards


  • automatic infeed and outfeed belts