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CFD 275 (industrial)

Dosing machine

Filling moulds… You probably also find it very tedious, especially when one mould is fuller than the other or some of the filling is lost.

The CFD 275 offers a solution: the pistons fill the polycarbonate moulds semi- or fully-automatically and with extreme precision. Additional ingredients can be easily added. Pneumatic drive or servomotors? You choose what fits within your budget and production line.


The BETEC CFD 275 dosing machine:

  • has a colour touchscreen to set the temperature of the dosing head and the hopper
  • is available in a pneumatic model or with servomotors
  • is also suitable for fillings with small ingredients (diameter of max. 3 mm)
  • is a mobile machine, simple to integrate in your production line and easy to clean
  • is built with standard components
  • is made of AISI 304 stainless steel
  • has a three-phase 50/60 H electrical connection


  • tempering machine (MT80 GPE, MT80 GPI, CAT 200, AT 80 GPI)
  • cooling tunnel
  • decorator
  • hopper with stirrer
  • mixer or mobile mass container
  • infeed and outfeed belt
  • mould stackers and destackers