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BOSS 275

One-shot dosing machine

The name says it all: the BOSS 275 is the boss of one-shot-machines: at the press of a button you make the chocolate shell, the filling and bottom of your product. And there's more: you no longer have to memorise your recipes, the BOSS 275 remembers up to a hundred for you.

The machine fits perfectly in bigger artisanal chocolate ateliers or in an industrial chocolate factory. Above an existing cooling belt or cooling tunnel? As a stand-alone machine? Or as part of your existing line? You choose.

The gear pumps of the BOSS 275 offer so many advantages:

  • You enjoy an endless dosing volume, now that you're no longer limited by the cylinder capacity of a volumetric dosing machine.
  • You dose at a higher speed, now that you no longer have to fill the dispenser with chocolate first before pushing out the filling.
  • You create a higher quality product with less air.

Chocolate or fillings with small ingredients? Our one-shot with pistons is your best choice.


The BOSS 275:

  • doses very accurately
  • is equipped with heated hoppers
  • is operated using the colour touchscreen
  • is easy to move
  • consists exclusively of standard components
  • is made of AISI 304 stainless steel
  • has a three-phase 380-420 V, 50/60 Hz connection


  • custom-made dosing head
  • conveyor belt with vibrating and trembling system
  • custom-made cooling tunnel
  • stainless steel mould trolley
  • external tempering machine
  • push-through line (CL 600 and CL 1200)