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W&P line

Weighing and packaging line for truffles

Manually weighing and packing truffles? Who has time for that? Fortunately, the BETEC weighing and packaging line does.

The multihead weighing system weighs the finished truffles automatically and then fills the boxes or blisters that the denester has put on the packaging belt. Are the pots on the lids or are the blisters closed? Then they're automatically transported, either to a buffer table or to another machine, after which they are placed in crates or boxes. To simplify things even more, a BETEC Single Gantry Robot Palletiser automatically puts the filled boxes on pallets.


The weighing and packaging line for truffles:

  • weighs the truffles and fills the pots or blisters very accurately so they all weigh the same
  • speeds up your packaging process
  • is made of AISI 304 stainless steel


  • robot to put pots in boxes or crates
  • palletiser to put filled boxes on pallets
  • roller conveyor to supply and remove pallets
  • pallet destacker
  • extra conveyor belts
  • film wrapping machine