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VC 450 SD

Trembling belt with vibrating system

You want nothing less than perfection. Unevenly distributed chocolate moulds with air bubbles? That's not what you want.

Put your polycarbonate moulds or plastic blisters on the conveyor belt under your dosing machine and the belt does the rest: it trembles and vibrates all air bubbles out of the moulds and evenly distributes your chocolate. Now that's craftsmanship. The VC 450 SD, or the vibrating conveyor 450 equipped with shaking device, takes care of this every time.


The VC 450 SD:

  • has separately adjustable speeds for the conveyor belt, the vibrating system and the vibrating motor
  • is adjustable in height
  • is made of AISI 304 stainless steel
  • is built with standard components
  • has a single-phase 230V 50/60 Hz connection