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TBI 5500-400

Elevating conveyor belt with PU-mat belt and buffer hopper

You know what it's like:  having an employee refill your weighing and filling machines is very expensive. Does a time- and cost-efficient solution exist?

Absolutely: the TBI 5500-400 elevating conveyor with PU belt mat and buffer hopper. Simply connect it to your weighing or filling machine. Are more products needed? It automatically sends a signal to the infeed belt. The big buffer hopper means your employees have time for other jobs.

The TBI 5500-400 is – like all BETEC conveyor belts – custom-made to your project using stainless steel. It is suitable for the food and pharmaceutical industry.


The TBI 5500-400:

  • has a pneumatic dosing system
  • has an adjustable speed control
  • is custom-made
  • is made from AISI 304 stainless steel
  • is built with standard components
  • meets CE-standards