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Robot spraying line

Spray robot with cooled infeed belt

Do you want to give your polycarbonate moulds a layer of coloured cocoa butter but you're short of hands? The spray robot is what you need! It works completely automatically, which means your employees have time to do other jobs. After the moulds have been sprayed, the spray robot conveyor belt transports the products to a cooling tunnel, for example, to harden.

What about the spray mist? You don't feel like cleaning the whole atelier? We've thought about this too. The robot's spray workspace is sealed and has an extractor with a filter. The mist remains in the workspace and your atelier is spick and span.

BETEC custom-makes robots for your business and project.  Are you looking for a specific application to automate simple repetitive tasks? Let us know. Together we'll find the perfect solution.


The spray robot with cooled infeed belt:

  • automatically sprays your moulds or products
  • works quickly, efficiently and precisely
  • is custom-made to your application
  • is made of AISI 304 stainless steel
  • is built with standard components
  • complies with the applicable safety standards


  • automatic infeed and outfeed belts