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SGR palletiser

Single gantry robot palletiser

The single gantry robot palletiser is a must-have for every producer or factory that wants to save time and finds ergonomics important.

Do you prefer a separate machine or one that's integrated in your production line? You decide. The machine has a number of predefined stacking patterns, which you can customise however much you like – or you can add new ones. Your end-of-line packaging will be just like you're used to, only faster and more flexible.

BETEC custom-makes palletisers for your business and project.  Are you looking for a specific application?  Let us know. Together we'll find the perfect solution.



The single gantry robot palletiser:

  • palletises on one pallet
  • is custom-made to your application
  • is suitable for smaller spaces
  • has several stacking patterns
  • is equipped with a Siemens operating system
  • makes paper or cardboard intermediate layers
  • is modular
  • is user-friendly and low-energy
  • complies with the applicable safety standards


  • automatic infeed belts