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CPI 6000

Cakes and pastry injection line for eclairs

Fill thousands of eclairs manually? No thank you: it costs a lot of time and money. Be smart about it, with the BETEC filling line, especially for eclairs.

The system consists of a custom-made conveyor belt, dosing machine and mobile pump unit. It allows you to fill up to 6000 eclairs an hour with custard or pastry cream. The conveyor belt feeds the pastry and places it in the right location under the filling machine. The machine fills the pastry uniformly and precisely, after which the conveyor belt removes them. You don't want to waste time, do you? The mobile pump unit ensures a continuous supply of custard or cream from the buffer hopper to the dosing machine which means you never run out.

And there's more: the machine is very easy to clean which will stop any mould formation.


The filling line for eclairs:

  • fills up to 6000 eclairs an hour, with the same amount every time.
  • is quick, efficient and ergonomic.


  • extra conveyor belts for infeed and outfeed