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ETD 120-450

Enrober, tempering machine and decorator in one

You understand that time is money. Particularly when you run bigger production batches. The ETD 120-450 combines enrobing, tempering and decorating in one high-tech machine and guarantees time savings.

The incorporated tempering unit tempers or crystallises the chocolate to the right temperature & temper index, after which the enrober enrobes the products. Extra decorating? The incorporated decorator does it no time, according to the pattern you choose. Thanks to the separate collectors, decoration spills do not end up in the enrober's chocolate tub. And the best thing? The decorator cleans itself, which means the nozzles are never blocked and you create the perfect drawing.


The ETD 120-450:

  • tempers, enrobes and decorates in one machine, custom-made to your application and budget
  • increases your production capacity and is suitable for bigger batches
  • saves different decoration patterns
  • is easy to move
  • is easy to operate using the colour touchscreen
  • is made of AISI 304 stainless steel
  • is built with standard components
  • meets all CE standards




melting kettle with pump or machine from the MB- or MT-series to feed the decorator