MBE 80-400 (poly-cord)

Wheel glazing machine for coating various products

Coating pastries and frozen products with glaze, fondant, compound chocolate, fruit coulis, or any other syrupy mixture? That's precisely what the MBE 80-400 is designed for. Applying glaze or coating evenly: that's what this wheel glazing machine does without making a single mistake. It coats your pastries, donuts, cookies, and other sweet treats using a rotating wheel mechanism.

Because it never misses a beat, it flawlessly finishes all your products. It consistently creates a uniform, tasty coating every time. Moreover, it saves you a lot of time; thanks to its efficient design, the MBE 80-400 can handle large quantities of pastries.

How does the MBE 80-400 work?

In the water-heated melting tank, this powerhouse keeps every topping at the perfect temperature. It prepares the mixture each time and coats your pastries and frozen products from above. And all of this is done completely automatically.

The MBE 80-400 features a self-cleaning poly-cord cover belt of 400 millimeters. This ensures that the belt is never heavily soiled, reducing the risk of jamming and unnecessary downtime for the machine. You don't lose any time, even when cleaning or maintaining the machine. The cover belt is easily detachable for convenience.

How to take the MBE 80-400 to an even higher level

Adding a few options to the MBE 80-400? It will deliver even more impressive performances. Equip it with an automatically controlled discharge belt, and thanks to the pneumatic control, the discharge belt always stays straight. Achieving a neat, uniform result? Check!

Do you prefer finishing your products with granules? Combine the MBE 80-400 with a Betec decorating machine.

An additional cooling tunnel speeds up the cooling process for your pastries.

Comprehensive Coating Line featuring Self-Cleaning Wheel Machine, Automatically Controlled Discharge Conveyor, and Granulate Decorating Machine.



  • coats pastries and frozen products with any syrupy mixture
  • maintains a constant temperature for the topping
  • coats your products from the top
  • never jams thanks to the self-cleaning cover belt
  • easy to clean and maintain
  • integratable into an existing production line
  • automatic discharge belt with paper roll and pneumatic control
  • decorating machine for granulate