DDS 6x120

Drop Dosing Line

Do you dream of handsome, uniform chocolate drops? This dosing line does too! It tempers, doses, and cools both real and compound chocolate exactly as you desire. Easily set the machine through the user-friendly touchscreen. Afterward, it completes your chocolate drops from start to finish."Producing large quantities of uniform chocolate drops has never been easier. Simply place the correct mold plates on the dosing heads of the machine. Input all parameters through the touchscreen. Then, set the automatic drop dosing line in motion.

The water-heated buffer hoppers keep your tempered chocolate at the right temperature. The six heads on the dosing system create perfect, uniform drops. Right after dosing, the drops move to the 18-meter-long cooling tunnel with a water-cooled bottom plate. You can choose how to cool the chocolate drops: through radiation or convection cooling, with or without bottom cooling.

The dosing system is easily accessible. You can quickly open the lobe pumps or roll out the entire dosing system from the machine using a trolley. This allows you to clean or maintain all components effortlessly.

How to elevate the drop dosing line to an exceptional standard.

How does the drop dosing line make your life even easier? In combination with other Betec machines! If you connect the dosing line to a tempering system, install level sensors in the buffer hoppers. This way, the tanks are automatically refilled through double-walled, water-heated pipes. When you connect the tempering machine to your melting tanks, you even automate the entire production. You can also directly link the melting tank to the dosing line if you are working with compound chocolate.

The production capacity of the drop dosing line is flexible, depending on the size and weight of the drops. Whether you opt for smaller or larger drops, the line is designed for a production capacity of approximately 300 to 500 kg/h.

Features of the drop dosing line

  • produces uniform drops of both real and compound chocolate
  • includes a customizable dosing station equipped with six heads
  • comes with a cooling tunnel measuring 1.2 x 18 meters with a triple-function capability
  • effortlessly controlled through a touchscreen interface
  • is easy to clean and maintain
  • can be integrated into an existing production line