A seamless transition from the production line to packaging

Stacking boxes manually on pallets is not only time-consuming but also places a significant burden on your employees. Our advanced palletizing systems offer a solution to carry out this task swiftly and precisely, enhancing efficiency in your warehouse and alleviating the physical strain on your workers.

Explore the world of palletizing systems with Betec. Click here for detailed information on how our automated palletizing systems optimize your production process. From reducing human errors to increasing employee availability and minimizing labor costs, Betec brings you customized automation solutions for your palletizing needs.

A wide range of palletizing machines

Overview of Betec palletizing machines along with their associated supply lines :

Single gantry palletizer / Single-portal palletizer

Explore automated stacking solutions for various products, such as boxes, crates, buckets, jerry cans, ..., with our Single-portal palletizer. This system is suitable for different stacking patterns and ensures optimal placement of products on pallets. The flexibility and simplicity of the control make this system ideal for end-of-line packaging.

Dual gantry palletizer

Boost your production with the Duo-portal palletizer, based on the Single-portal palletizer but with the capability to stack two pallets simultaneously. Enhance the speed and efficiency in your production process.

Layer palletizer

Our Layer palletizer is designed for efficiently stacking products in layers. This system offers maximum flexibility and can be easily adjusted to meet your production requirements.

Betec Palletizing: Your partner in advanced palletizing solutions

Boost your production speed with Betec's Dual Gantry Palletizer. Building on the Single Gantry design, this system stacks two pallets simultaneously, enhancing efficiency in your production process. Explore advanced palletizing solutions for seamless end-of-line packaging.

At Betec, innovation is at the forefront. We take pride in our high-quality palletizing solutions that perfectly align with the specific needs of your company. Our goal is not only to meet your requirements but to exceed them.

What makes Betec palletizing systems the preferred choice?

User-friendliness is the focus

Our palletizing systems stand out for their straightforward operation and flexibility. Easily creating new stacking patterns and making adjustments ensures a smooth production process.

Quality guarantee for uptime

At Betec, we aim for an impressive 100% uptime. Our palletizing systems provide reliability and operational certainty, crucial for the success of your end-of-line packaging.

Commitment and customer satisfaction as core values

We believe in clear agreements, reliability, and a high-performance machine to ensure your customer satisfaction reaches 100%. Our commitment goes beyond delivering products; it is a partnership focused on your success.

Creativity and professionalism for tailor-made solutions

Our dynamic team eagerly takes on challenges to provide customized palletizing solutions that perfectly match your unique needs. We combine creativity with professionalism for optimal results.

Modular expandability for enhanced adaptability

Our palletizing systems are modularly expandable, allowing you to integrate additional options, such as:

  • Multiple stacking positions: One gripper can load up to five pallet positions, maximizing efficiency.
  • Automatic pallet infeed and outfeed: Increase capacity with automated pallet infeed and outfeed through roller conveyors or chain transport.
  • Pallet warehouse: An automated pallet warehouse with a capacity of 16 pallets for seamless input.
  • Fully automatic pallet wrapping: Incorporate a fully automatic pallet wrapper for a comprehensive packaging solution.

Explore our palletizing systems

Curious about all the possibilities?

Explore the capabilities of our advanced palletizing systems by consulting our online catalog for detailed information. Feel free to contact us for a customized solution that meets your needs. Opt for enhanced efficiency and ergonomics with Betec palletising.

Through the links on the side, you can view our applicable products:

  • Single gantry palletizer / Single-portal palletizer
  • Dual gantry palletizer
  • Layer palletizer