MB 15

Manual tempering machine

Manual tempering machine with wheel and a capacity of 15 kg, suitable for artisanal and industrial applications

Do you quickly and efficiently want to fill your pralines or chocolate bars at the right temperature? The MB 15 is what you need. The machine has a capacity of 15 kg and melts and tempers your chocolate chips to the right temperature. This is how you fill your praline and/or chocolate moulds easier than ever. No matter whether you work in an artisanal or an industrial setting, the MB 15's user-friendliness means it fits anywhere. Disassembly of the wheel, the wheel scraper and the optional heated vibrating table is very simple – without tools.

The manual tempering- moulding machine MB 15



  •  can be installed on a table top.
  •  has an adjustable wheel speed
  •  precisely shows the temperature and keeps it constant
  •  is equipped with an electrically heated chocolate container of 15 kg
  •  has a firm stirrer and stainless steel lid
  •  is built with standard components
  •  is easy to use
  •  is easy to clean
  •  has a single phase electric 230V/50Hz connection
  •  is made of AISI 304 stainless steel


  •  heated vibrating table
  •  customised trolley
  •  customised wheel scraper (to dip, for special decoration patterns, etc.)
  •  electrically heated gear pump (GP 200-pump)