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HC 200

Heating cabinet

The heating cabinet that melts your chocolate, preheats your moulds and heats ingredients and hand tools to the right temperature.

Nothing is more annoying than a cold mould that cools down and sets your chocolate too quickly. Or a fondant that is not liquid enough. The solution? The BETEC HC 200 heating cabinet. Its cool-to-touch design is extremely low-energy and easy in use. No fussing around thanks to easy-to-use buttons: only a main switch and digital thermostat on the central control panel. The compact design means the heating cabinet fits perfectly in a small workshop and an industrial setting.


The HC 200

  •  has built in ventilation
  •  is electrically heated
  •  has accurate temperature control
  •  is equipped with a safety thermostat
  •  is made of AISI 304 stainless steel
  •  is height-adjustable
  •  measures 950 x 550 x 950 mm (LxBxH)


  •  other size
  •  castors with or without brake