MB 35, MBE 35-240

Tempering and moulding/enrobing machine

The 2-in-1-machine with a capacity of 35 kg for perfect moulding/enrobing of chocolate.

This handy 2-in-1-machine is a must-have for any chocolate professional. The manual tempering machine immediately brings your chocolate to the right temperature. You can manually mould your chocolate shape or enrobe your products: for bottom enrobing, top enrobing, total enrobing or partial enrobing. The MB 35 has a larger capacity than its smaller equivalent, the MB 15: 40 kg instead of 15. The wheel and the stirrer are easily disassembled– without tools.

The manual tempering- and enrobing machine MB35 and MBE 35-240



  • is a handy, compact 2-in-1-machine
  • has a meticulous temperature setting and adjustment
  • has an electrically heated chocolate container with a capacity of 35 kg
  • is equipped with a strong stirrer
  • has a heated vibrating table
  • has an adjustable wheel speed
  • has an adjustable and removable wheel scraper
  • is ideal for melting, tempering and enrobing/moulding chocolate
  • has a single phase electric 220V/240Hz connection