Betec Deco-Magic: Illuminate your products with line and random decorations, or enhance them with Betec Sprinklers' 'Rainfall' decorating machines!

With BETEC decorating machines, you can create attractive products, making it easier for your products to reach the end customer.

Experience the precision of Betec's decorating machines, from granulate decorators to automated cocoa powder machines. Our advanced technology ensures uniform and flawless coatings for your chocolate products. Discover the extensive features and various models of our decorating machines. Browse our online catalog or request a no-obligation quote for your unique decorating requirements.

Discover the magic of decoration, showcasing chocolate and granulate decorations in the spotlight

At Betec, we strongly believe that decoration makes the difference. Whether you're seeking a subtle chocolate stripe or colorful granules to enhance your products, our decorating machines elevate your creations to the next level. Explore below the possibilities and benefits of our advanced decoration solutions.

Granulate decorating machines: Adding crispy accents

1. Granulaat Drum Decorator

Enhance your products with the Granulate Drum Decorator from Betec. Sprinkle crunchy granules uniformly over the surface for an appealing presentation. Achieve a delightful combination of taste and texture with this versatile granulate decorating solution.

Do you want to cover your products with crunchy pieces of decoration? The Granulate drum decorator is the perfect choice. Simply sprinkle granules over the surface of your product for a uniform and appealing presentation.

2. Sprinkler 'Rainfall' Decorating Machine

Experience precision with the Sprinkler 'Rainfall' Decorating Machine by Betec. Achieve a graceful and even distribution of light and sticky decorations, transforming your products as delicately as snowflakes falling from the sky. Elevate your presentation with this innovative decorating solution.

For specific light and sticky decorations, such as coconut nips, precision is key. The Sprinkler 'Rainfall' decorating machine ensures a graceful and even distribution of these delicate decorations, as if they were falling like snowflakes from the sky.

3. Multi-Granulate Decorating Machine

Explore the best of both worlds with Betec's Multi-Granulate Decorating Machine. Combining the Granulate Drum Decorator and Sprinkler 'Rainfall,' this machine allows harmonious application of traditional granules and light decorations. Achieve versatile and appealing designs with this advanced decorating solution.

For those who want the best of both worlds, the Multi-Granulate decorating machine offers a combination of the granulate drum decorator and the Sprinkler 'Rainfall' decorating machine. With the Multi-Granulate decorating machine, you can apply both traditional granules and light decorations harmoniously to your products.

4. Precise decorating machine for granulate decoration

Perfect precision meets elegance with Betec's Precision Granulate Decorating Machine. Ideal for pralines with caramel filling, this machine accurately deposits even a single granule at specified spots. Create sleek and sophisticated designs with this precise and efficient decorating solution.

However, if you prefer just a few granules in a specific spot on your praline, then our precision granulate decorating machine is perfect for you. This machine can accurately deposit even a single salt grain exactly where you specify on the praline. The result is a sleek and elegant design, ideal for pralines with caramel filling. Simply delicious.

Decorating with chocolate, compound, and sugar mass: Create artistic lines

Immerse yourself in the enchantment of our chocolate decorating machine! In this photo, marvel at the craftsmanship of the machine delicately drawing beautiful white lines on chocolate-covered cookies. Decoration with chocolate, compound, and sugar mass becomes an art form, allowing you the freedom to create artistic lines and give your products a unique flair.

Our standard chocolate decorating machines (Chocolate stringer) are designed to apply lines in various patterns to your products. Whether you're working with chocolate, compound, or other sugar masses, our decorating machines offer precision and versatility.

Discover the benefits:

  • Heated and enclosed area: Each Betec chocolate decorating machine is built within a heated and plexiglass-enclosed space, guaranteeing optimal conditions throughout the decoration process and maintaining the consistency of your products.
  • Automatic cleaning system: With the automated cleaning system, clogged spray and decorating nozzles are a thing of the past. Our decorating machines are not only user-friendly but also easy to maintain, saving you time and allowing for efficient operation.
  • Diverse applications: Whether you seek a stand-alone decorating machine or integration into an existing production line or E-series glazing or coating machine, our decorating machines can be tailored to meet your specific requirements.

Cocoa powder machine for coating truffles with a delightful layer of cocoa powder

Simplify truffle production with Betec's CPM 800 Cocoa Powder Machine. Achieve uniform and flawless cocoa powder coating effortlessly. This advanced machine ensures efficient production, easy operation with a color touchscreen display, and a robust design crafted from high-quality stainless steel. Elevate your truffle creations with the precision and innovation of the CPM 800.

Truffles, irresistibly delicious, but applying that delicate layer of cocoa powder? That's a challenge in itself.

Fortunately, we have the CPM 800, an advanced automatic cocoa powder machine that not only reduces labor intensity but also minimizes wasted powder. The unused powder is neatly collected in the basin and can be reused. But that's not all—once filled with cocoa powder, you can leave the machine to work unmanned. We bet you'll enjoy truffles even more with the CPM 800!

Features :

  • Uniform powder application: The CPM 800 ensures an even and flawless coating of your chocolate product.
  • Efficient production: Simplify and expedite your production process, allowing you to deliver more top-quality truffles.
  • Easy operation: The color touchscreen display ensures a highly user-friendly operation of the machine.
  • Robust design: Built with standard components and crafted from high-quality stainless steel (AISI 304), the CPM 800 meets the strictest standards for durability.

Infuse your products with a unique character through Betec's expertise in decoration. Opt for quality, precision, and innovation. Transform your creations today!

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