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GDC + ETD + AG Decorator + MT 80 GPE + KT

Enrobing and dosing line

If you can dream it we can make it. This is the all-in-one machine you've been dreaming of. The GDC automatically cuts your ganache and puts it on the infeed belt of the ETD enrober. It tempers your chocolate and covers your products with the perfect layer.

And there's more. The AG decorator for granulates decorates your products down to the last detail. The KT cooling tunnel cools the products and provides the fresh finishing touch.

Do you prefer dosing your chocolate on the cooling conveyor? Slide the AG decorator to the right using the sliding system and make space on the infeed belt of the cooling tunnel. Even dosing chocolate with filling on the cooling conveyor is child's play now: replace the MT 80 GPE by our one-shot-dosing machine and get started!

Need to enrobe other products, such as biscuits or dried fruit? Simple: slide away the GDC and load the ETD manually.

The enrobing and dosing line consists of:

  • GDC automatic ganache cutting machine
  • ETD: enrobing, tempering and decorating machine
  • AG Decorator: decorator for granulate
  • KT 450: cooling tunnel


The GDC + ETD + AG Decorator + MT 80 GPE + KT:

  • cuts the ganache and automatically loads the enrober
  • increases your production capacity and is suitable for bigger batches
  • decorates your products very accurately with granulate such as rough salt, coarse sugar or small nuts
  • has a cooling tunnel with an extra long infeed belt with a height- and length-adjustable nose as well as an adjustable trembling table
  • is operated using the colour touchscreen
  • is built with standard components
  • is made of AISI 304 stainless steel
  • meets CE standards


  • BOSS 275 one-shot dosing machine
  • built-in decorating system for liquid chocolate in ETD
  • MT tempering machine to feed the decorator
  • industrial size cooling tunnel for bigger batches
  • economical cooling tunnel for smaller batches