How to choose a fast, reliable melting tank for your chocolate company

You produce chocolate on a craft or industrial scale? Then, a high-quality melting tank should not be missing from your workshop. With Betec, you bring home a fast, efficient, and reliable device that allows you to melt any couvertures (chocolate, sugar masses, fruit coulis, ...) in no time and maintain them at the right temperature.

As a professional chocolatier, you know it: melting chocolate is no simple task. The smoother the melting process, the higher the quality of the final product. And that superior result? That's exactly what you strive for.

Betec's melting tanks, designed for optimal temperature control and efficiency, ensure perfectly melted chocolate while preserving taste and aroma. Discover the power of Betec technology.

That's why Betec designed a series of innovative, robust melting machines. These ensure a careful, efficient melting process with meticulous control over temperature. As a result, your end product attains an optimal structure and composition. Meanwhile, Betec machines also reduce the energy consumption of your production.

Curious about all these benefits? Below, we're happy to list them for you.

1. You melt and store your chocolate at the optimal temperature

Each Betec melting tank is equipped with an insulated, double-walled water jacket, a central control panel with a digital thermostat, a mechanical safety thermostat, and a robust stirring mechanism with bottom and side scrapers. This allows you to set the melting temperature very precisely, and the temperature remains perfectly consistent throughout the entire melting and storing process. Moreover, the tank heats the chocolate evenly, without the risk of overheating.

The efficient agitator in Betec's melting tank, equipped with side and bottom scrapers, facilitates a quick and uniform melting process, enabling effortless production of liquid chocolate.

Thanks to this technology:

  • retains your chocolate's excellent taste and aroma
  • attains the perfect viscosity, texture, and shine


2. You work faster and more efficiently

Endlessly waiting for your chocolate to melt? That's a thing of the past with Betec melting tanks. The stirring mechanism is equipped with side and bottom scrapers, making the melting tanks hyper-efficient. In no time, they provide flavorful, liquid chocolate, allowing you to start your work effortlessly.

Manual tap at the front of the melting tank for chocolate dispensing, ensuring a seamless production process and allowing you to start working immediately.

You can drain the chocolate through the manual tap at the front of the tank. Alternatively, you can opt for a built-in, water-heated chocolate pump, allowing the chocolate to flow automatically through heated pipelines to the next machine in your production line.

Extra convenient: the motor of the melting tank is located at the bottom. This design allows maximum accessibility to the top, saving you valuable time when cleaning or maintaining the machine. All Betec melting tanks comply with the strictest requirements and standards for food safety. They are made from high-quality, stainless steel (AISI 304), and all seams are carefully welded and polished. This makes your melting tank ultra-hygienic and aesthetically pleasing.

3. You'll find the device that best suits your workshop

Whether you produce on a craft or industrial scale, at Betec, you will always find a high-quality melting tank that suits your workshop. Choose from various versatile models with a single (MK), double (MKD), or triple (MKT) melting tank.

With our standard chocolate machines, you can melt a limited quantity of chocolate, as showcased by the beautiful chocolate flow of our compact MB 15. For a more efficient melting method, we recommend using a melting tank.

On this way, you choose a fast, reliable melting tank for your chocolate business.

Every Betec machine is highly flexible and precise. Thanks to separate tanks within the same frame, you can effortlessly process multiple types of chocolate with the same machine, without the risk of mixing. Would you like to further tailor your melting tank to your production requirements? That's possible with these options:

  • block melter  
  • chocolate filter
  • water-heated chocolate pump
  • magnetic sieves
  • water-heated piping from tank to end user
  • overflow detection, level detection, signal column
  • bucket support
  • colour touchscreen
  • retractable stainless steel step for the operator
  • weigh sensors, weight measurement via integrated scale or 4-point weighing system

Curious about all the possibilities?
Browse through our online catalog or contact us for a non-binding quote.

Through the links on the side, you can view our applicable products:

  • single models (MK): with capacities ranging from 80 to 2500 kilograms
  • double models (MKD): with capacities ranging from 80 to 1000 kilograms
  • triple models (MKT): with capacities ranging from 80 to 1000 kilograms

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