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MBE 80-300

Donut enrober

Can you not keep up with donut sales? And do you want to save time or make more?

Then our tempering and enrobing machine with wheel is what you need. This is a machine unlike anything you've seen before: we designed it especially for donuts and other products such as Berliners or beignets. With this machine it takes no time to enrobe them. Quick switch between different chocolate colours? The heated scraper and the machine's small size make cleaning child's play. Whether you are working in a chocolate lab, an artisanal workshop or in a semi-industrial setting, the MBE-80-300 donut enrober is a must-have.


The MBE 80-300 donut enrober

  • is water heated
  • is operated with the touchscreen
  • has a special donut-enrober belt
  • is equipped with a take-off conveyor with heated scraper


  • extra-long take-off conveyor
  • cooling tunnel
  • decorating machine for liquid chocolate
  • decorating machine for granulate