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PD 1200-15

Pallet destacker

The final stages in your production line also deserve your attention! Did you know you save loads of time with our automated pallet stackers and destackers?

Our pallet stackers and destackers are robust and reliable pallet dispensers that stack and destack your pallets in your automated production line. Connect them to your packaging line's main computer and the machines will work together harmoniously.

This means you don't have be on standby all the time to prepare the pallets on time. With a fork-lift truck you place a stack of pallets in the warehouse and then you have your hands free for other jobs!

On which side are the pallets fed out? And how many types of pallets fit in one machine? That's up to you. BETEC custom-makes every pallet stacker and destacker for your application.


The pallet stackers and destackers:

  • stack and destack your pallets automatically
  • increase your production capacity and speed
  • can be connected to your packaging line's main computer