TK 100 with transfer pump

Tempering kettle for batch tempering

If you work with smaller batches of chocolate to which you add certain flavours or ingredients, such as raisins, nuts or colouring and flavourings later, the TK 100 tempering kettle is what you need. It melts and tempers batches of chocolate up to 100 kilos at the press of a button.

Has the right melting temperature (40 to 50°C) been reached? The tempering kettle cools the water in the jacket, either with a chiller, or with a flow system to 27 to 28°C, to precrystallise the chocolate. It is then heated again to the eventual processing temperature of 32 °C. During this process you create the right crystals for perfect looking chocolate. The stirrer mixes the mass to multiply the crystals.

When you're ready tempering your batch, it's time to present it to the end consumer. And thanks to BETEC this is also entirely automatic.

The TK 100 tempering kettle for batch tempering



  • melts and tempers up to as much as 100 kilos of chocolate in one go
  • is equipped with a digital panel to easily set and read the temperature of the water and the chocolate separately
  • is highly user-friendly
  • chocolate transfer pump