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E 1200

E-series enrobers

E-series enrober

This enrober excels in high-tech gadgets and user-friendliness. All parameters can be easily set digitally on the large colour touchscreen. Just think about the temperature of the water, the ambient temperature of the covered part and the different speeds of the pump, the belt, the fan and trembling device and the rod-detailer. Yes, it's all about user-friendliness.

The enrober can even remember up to a hundred recipes. You no longer have to rack your memory and can properly enrobe every biscuit or product. Result? Much less product loss.


The E-series enrober:

  • simplifies your production and increases the productive capacity
  • is ideal for bigger production runs in artisanal ateliers or industrial settings
  • is easy to operate using the colour touchscreen
  • is built with standard components
  • is made of AISI 304 stainless steel
  • meets CE-standards
  • has a three-phase 380-420V, 50/60 Hz connection


  • removable wiremesh belt for easier cleaning and switching
  • removable chocolate container to simplify maintenance and enable quicker changes between different chocolate or sugar masses
  • automatic inliner
  • separate or integrated tempering system
  • separate or integrated decorator
  • cooling belt or cooling tunnel
  • extra chocolate container
  • switchable flip rollers
  • chocolate filter system