CSDL Stringer

chocolate stringer double loop line decorating machine

Prepare to be amazed by the CSDL – an undisputed artist in its own right. With effortless finesse, it conjures up graceful (double) loops and sharp (zigzag) lines. Whether you prefer them wide, narrow, thick, or thin, and whether it's (compound) chocolate or another sugar mass, this powerhouse rises to every challenge. Imbuing each praline and pastry with unparalleled precision, the CSDL transforms decoration into an art form.

All you need to do? Set the desired pattern mechanically and select the temperature and movement speed via the touchscreen. After that, the CSDL executes the task flawlessly. Mistakes? It doesn't make any because this decorating machine comes equipped with an automatic cleaning system. This ensures that the nozzles never get clogged, and your pralines or pastries always look immaculate.

The CSDL maintains your decorating product at the perfect temperature at all times. How? With a heated collection and chocolate container, along with heated supply and delivery pipes. Impressive performance? Check!

In addition to its precision, the CSDL is also highly durable and robust. This makes it suitable for both artisanal workshops and industrial production lines. Moreover, you can choose between two configurations. You can install the CSDL as a standalone unit or integrate it into a coating machine from our E-series.

Features off the CSDL line decorating machine

  • decorates all your (coated) products with any pattern
  • features self-cleaning nozzles and an adjustable ambient temperature
  • easily operated through a color touchscreen
  • integratable into an existing production line
  • easy to clean and maintain
  • available in widths ranging from 300 to 1600mm
  • manufactured using premium-grade stainless steel AISI 304
  • compatible with an electrical connection of 230V, 50/60Hz