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MATS 200-250

Melting and tempering in one mobile frame

This machine is the perfect marriage between de MK-melting tank and the CAT 200-tempering machine.

It speeds up your melting process and keeps the melted chocolate at the right temperature to supply your other chocolate processing machines. Result? A shiny layer of chocolate even you won't be able to resist. Could it be any better? Actually yes, the unit is completely mobile for the ultimate in user-friendliness.


The MATS 200-250:

  • is a mobile unit, equipped with a 250 kilogram melting tank (MK 250) and a 200 kilogram tempering machine (CAT 200)
  • supplies your other chocolate processing machines automatically with perfectly tempered chocolate
  • is easy to move
  • is easy to operate using the colour touchscreen
  • is equipped with a sieve as a standard
  • is made exclusively with standard components
  • is made of AISI 304 stainless steel
  • works on three phase 380 V 50/60 Hz electricity


  • automatic three-way valve to automatically supply other machines
  • water-heated pipes
  • external chocolate processing machines such as an enrober, dosing machine and/or decorator