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MB 80, MB 120

Wheel machine

Melting and pre-crystallising large volumes of chocolate at the right temperature?

This is not the easiest things to do Fortunately this BETEC machine literally does this for you. You add the chocolate to the machine, set the temperature and the wheel machine does the rest. The heated container melts the chocolate and the stirrer mixes it into a homogenous mass. Messing with polycarbonate shapes? That's all in the past now: the wheel scraper transports the chocolate to the shape.


The MB 80 and MB 120

  • has an electrically heated melting container of 80 kg or 120 kg which can also be used for storage
  • is suitable for melting, tempering and enrobing/moulding larger chocolate volumes
  • has a continuously variable wheel speed
  • consists of standard components
  • has an electrically heated vibrating table
  • guarantees a meticulous and constant temperature
  • is easy to clean and handy to use
  • is equipped with a safety thermostat