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KT 400 (Compound)

Cooling tunnel for imitation chocolate

In your atelier do you work with imitation chocolate or other products that set quickly? If so, a classic cooling tunnel is not the best solution. What is then? BETEC's KT 400 cooling tunnel obviously.

By convection cooling, the 4-metre long cooling section blows cold air directly onto the product to be cooled. And that's why it's best not to use real chocolate in this tunnel: it will not crystallise nicely.

Depending on your needs, available space and your budget, the KT 400 is available in two models.

Do you work with smaller volumes and a smaller budget? In this case the basic model is the best choice.

Or maybe you work with bigger volumes and a bigger budget? In this case the industrial model is what you need. It has a return belt to the cooled space.


The KT 400 cooling tunnel for imitation chocolate is equipped with:

  • an infeed belt with a length of your choice and nose that is adjustable in length and height
  • a food approved conveyor belt, with a return belt that returns to the cooled space (in the industrial model)
  • adjustable conveyor speed
  • a belt scraper
  • a PID temperature regulator
  • hinged covers
  • a detaching belt at the end of the tunnel
  • automatic control
  • pneumatic or mechanical belt tension system
  • convection cooling


  • decorator (granulate and/or chocolate)
  • extra cooling length (standard per 2 metres)
  • water-cooled bottom plate