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MBE 80-400, MBE 120-450

2-in-1-machine for moulding and enrobing

For a seasoned chocolate professional an enrobing machine is not enough.

You also want to enrobe biscuits, waffles and other confectionery. Preferably without giving up too much space. The solution? Our 2-in-1-moulding and enrobing machines for large volumes. Their modular design makes them easy to use and they grow with your needs. A real win-win.


The MBE 80-400 and MBE 120-450

  • is available with a capacity of 80 kg or 120 kg
  • is suitable both for moulding and enrobing all types of chocolate: real, compounds, sugar and fat masses and fruit coulis
  • has a fully equipped enrober belt of 400 or 450 mm with a Perspex cover: for partial, bottom or total enrobing of your products
  • is operated with the touchscreen
  • has a heated vibrating table
  • is easy to clean


  • truffle extension, truffle container and/or truffle table
  • cooling tunnel