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B 120-600+TBPP 3000-600

Bottomer and cooling conveyor with a water-cooled bottom plate

This inseparable duo should not be missing from your atelier. The B 120-600 Bottomer with its working width of 600 mm gives your products the best bottom coating, without holes. Of course you want to carry on working as soon as possible. The TBPP 3000-600 cooling conveyor allows you to do so: it immediately cools the coated products thanks to the water-cooled bottom plate.

The machine line comprises:

  • B 600 Bottomer
  • TBPP 3000-600-cooling belt with water-cooled bottom plate


The B 600 Bottomer and TBPP 3000-600 cooling conveyor:

  • has an accessible wiremesh belt with a working width of 600 mm
  • is equipped with a detachable plexiglass cover and heating lamps
  • the cooling conveyor with a cooled bottom plate has its own cooling system
  • the cooling conveyor is easy to adjust in height and length
  • is operated using the colour touchscreen
  • is made from standard components
  • is made of AISI 304 stainless steel
  • meets CE standards



  • melting kettle and pipes
  • tempering machine