AT 80, ATE 80-400

Automatic 2-in-1-machine

Nothing as calming as a chocolate machine that works automatically.

The AT 80 is the basis of this unit. The automated tempering machine with a capacity of 80 kg tempers your chocolate perfectly. You can mould the most beautiful shapes. Immediately enrobe as well? In that case the ATE 80-400 with its 400 millimetre wiremesh belt is your ideal sparring partner.

The AT 80 and ATE 80-400 automatic tempering, moulding and enrobinmachine



  • is a 2-in-1-machine for tempering and enrobing
  • has a water heated chocolate container of 80 kg
  • is equipped with especially designed tempering cylinders for the best crystallisation
  • is operated with the PLC colour touchscreen
  • has a heated rod-detailer that works in two directions
  • is equipped with a heated vibrating table
  • is built with standard components
  • is made of AISI 304 stainless steel
  • has a removable infeed or loading belt



Automatic 2-in-1-machine
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Automatic 2-in-1-machine
Automatic 2-in-1-machine


Automatic 2-in-1-machine
Automatic 2-in-1-machine