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Enrobing line for imitation chocolate

Enrobing products with imitation chocolate requires a different approach. And other machines. This enrobing line was designed especially for you so you can simplify your process as much as possible. It has a Bottomer, cooling conveyor, enrober and a short 4-metre cooling tunnel with convection cooling. The Bottomer and enrober are fed by our MK 180 melting tank with custom-made pipes with a water jacket.

Why opt for a Bottomer in your enrobing line? You probably already noticed: your chocolate does not always stick well to your products such as like marzipan. The solution is to first apply a layer of chocolate to the foot of your product before completely enrobing it.

And there's more: this enrobing line is - is not only suitable to cover chocolate products such as ganaches, cream fillings, …  with imitation chocolate, but you can enrobe also - products such as dried fruit, nuts, protein, muesli and/or other types of candy bars.


The enrobing line for imitation chocolate:

  • was especially designed to work with imitation chocolate
  • is exceptionally suitable for products to which chocolate does not stick well