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AT 120 tm4

2-in-1-machine with extra built-in dosing pump

We know you're looking for efficiency. The solution?

This mid-size automatic tempering machine and dosing machine with extra built-in dosing pump is an expansion of the standard AT 120 tempering machine. The primary chocolate flow runs continuously through the tempering column which raises the tempering quality and keeps it constant. The built-in dosing pump drains the necessary amount of chocolate from the primary flow and thus creates the most beautiful gloss on all your chocolate products. Without wasting a drop of chocolate or applying too little.


The AT 120 GPI:

  • doses very precisely and continuously, without affecting the tempering quality and therefore the thickness of the chocolate
  • has a water-heated chocolate container
  • is equipped with a heated vibrating table, whose temperature and vibrating intensity you can determine yourself
  • is operated with the PLC colour touchscreen
  • can be connected to other machines ( one shot dosing machines, decorators, mixers, etc.)
  • can be easily moved
  • is easy to clean
  • is built with standard components
  • is made of AISI 304 stainless steel
  • works on three phase 380V 50/60 Hz electricity


  • custom-made dosing head (= CMDH)
  • conveyor belt to automatically supply moulds
  • industrial vibrating motor and/or conveyor belt
  • cooling tunnel
  • mould rack
  • bucket support