Mastery in the pouring and molding of chocolate: high-quality pouring and molding machines for both artisanal and industrial chocolate creations.

A masterpiece in chocolate creation. The creation of tempting chocolate bars, elegant figures, or delightful pralines demands more than craftsmanship. It requires perfection in every detail. After the careful process of melting and tempering, the art of molding, also known as shaping casting, is revealed. Betec, the pioneer in chocolate processing, offers a comprehensive range of molding machines that turn your chocolate creations into masterpieces.

The operator perfects the art of chocolate molding while Betec's MT 80 automatically tempers the chocolate. Here, simple operation and perfectly formed chocolate crystals go hand in hand for tempting chocolate creations.


The art of pouring or molding chocolate

MB series: Simplicity and reliability in one

Experience artisanal chocolate preparation with Betec's MB series. Offering manual tempering and precise temperature control, these wheel machines, from MB 15 to larger models, enable operators to master the art of chocolate molding with a rotating wheel and powerful stirring mechanism.

In the MB series, where simplicity and reliability go hand in hand, you discover the essence of artisanal chocolate preparation. From the MB 15 to the larger models, these wheel machines offer manual tempering with a digital display for precise temperature control. The rotating wheel with wheel scraper and the powerful stirring mechanism ensure a uniform, homogeneous chocolate mass, while the operator masterfully perfects the art of chocolate molding.

MT and AT series: Automatic elegance

The GPE and GPI versions of the MT and AT series elevate chocolate molding to a higher level with a precise dosing system for attention-grabbing chocolate products.

For those who aspire to automatic perfection, the MT and AT series present themselves as true masters in tempering and molding. The touchscreen brings a world of possibilities at your fingertips, while the advanced pumping system elegantly guides the chocolate through the pouring spout into the molds. The GPE and GPI versions elevate the process to a higher level with the precise dosing system, ensuring that your chocolate creations attract the attention they deserve.

ML and CL Series: Advanced molding lines

Overview of Betec's ML and CL series automated molding lines, featuring a range of options such as shape cooling tunnels and dosing machines, matching craftsmanship in chocolate production.

For automated chocolate creations, the CL and ML series are available. These semi-automatic molding lines are equipped with an automatic mold feed, mold preheating system, automatic chocolate tempering machine, chocolate pouring or dosing system, vibrating mechanism, and more. Both lines can be further expanded and customized to meet customer preferences, for example, by adding options such as mold turning, mold cooling tunnel, dosing machine, demolding system, and so on. All of these features elevate your chocolate production to the highest level of craftsmanship.

Betec: Your partner for chocolate machines

Partner with Betec for more than just a chocolate molding process; it's an art that arises from passion and dedication. Our machines, designed for both artisanal and industrial chocolate creations, turn your chocolate bars, figures, and pralines into masterpieces. Choose Betec and let your chocolate creations shine like never before.

At Betec, we understand that chocolate molding is more than just a process; it is an art that arises from passion and dedication. Choose Betec as your supplier for chocolate machines and let your creations shine like never before.

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  • MB Series: Manual tempering machines with wheel
  • MT-series: Mini tempering and molding machines
  • AT-series: Automatic tempering and molding machines
  • CL-series: Semi-automatic molding line exclusively for solid products
  • ML Series: Semi-automatic molding line for both solid products and chocolate shells, also known as soft-filled center chocolates


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