Perfectly temper or pre-crystallize your chocolate? That's achievable with Betec

You produce artisanal or industrial chocolate figures, pralines, or bars? Then, you undoubtedly pay a lot of attention to the tempering process. Because the more precise it is, the better your chocolate tastes and looks. Fortunately, you can entrust this challenging task to Betec's tempering machines.

Manual tempering or tabling? Not only is it extremely time-consuming, but it also requires a lot of craftsmanship. Would you prefer to leave this process to a reliable, precise device? Choose a reliable, precise device. It not only completes the task faster but also better. This way, your chocolate maintains its excellent quality, attains a sublime texture, and a beautiful shine.

Tailor your chocolate workshop with Betec's tempering machines. Whether a small-scale artisan or part of a large automated production line, find the perfect fit. Explore the MT series for compact user-friendly solutions or the CAT series for continuous automatic tempering ideal for high-volume production.

What is the function of the Betec tempering machines?

Similar to you, Betec pursues excellence. This is why we have designed both manual and automatic tempering machines.

  • With the machines from the MB series (also known as wheel machines), you manually temper your chocolate. This way, you retain artisanal control and can easily clean the machine.
  • With the advanced automatic tempering machines, you minimize human errors and effortlessly achieve the perfect crystal structure in your chocolate.

Which tempering machine for your workshop?

Do you work in a small, artisanal workshop and prefer to retain as much control as possible? Or do you have a large production line where all tasks are automated? With Betec, you choose the tempering machine that suits you best

1. Manual tempering machines (wheel machines)

Craft your chocolate with precision using Betec's MB series wheel machines. Enjoy the benefits of manual tempering, retaining artisanal control over temperature adjustments. Quickly clean the machine, minimizing the risk of mixing and saving time during diverse chocolate processing.

The manual tempering machines (wheel machines) from the MB series automatically heat and mix your chocolate. However, you still produce your chocolate in an artisanal manner because you manually adjust the desired temperatures each time. Another advantage? Each wheel machine is quickly and easily cleaned. This minimizes the risk of mixing and saves you a lot of time when processing different types of chocolate with the same machine.

2. Automatic tempering machines

Minimize human errors and maximize efficiency with Betec's automatic tempering machines. Set desired temperatures and let the machine work its magic. Our advanced technology ensures consistent temperatures, stabilizing cocoa butter structures, resulting in a crisp, shiny, and high-quality chocolate product.

With an automatic tempering machine, you minimize the chance of human errors. You only set the desired temperatures, and then let the machine do all the work. This saves you time and gives you more peace of mind. Because Betec tempering machines? They work extremely accurately.

Thanks to their advanced technology, they maintain temperatures consistently and precisely. This ensures the stable crystal structure of cocoa butter in your chocolate. The result? A beautiful, crisp end product with a brilliant shine and rich color. A chocolate product that meets the highest quality standards.

Innovative? Absolutely. And all without sacrificing user-friendliness. Each tempering machine is easily operated via a simple touchscreen menu. With it, you can precisely adjust all parameters, save them, and read them instantly. You retain complete control, allowing you to bring your chocolate to the ideal temperature at exactly the right moment.

Depending on the scale of your production, you'll find a machine at Betec that meets all your production requirements. Choose from the following series :

  • MT (mini tempering): The MT series is ideal for small-scale chocolatiers due to its compact size and user-friendliness.
  • AT (automatic tempering): The medium-sized AT machines ensure an unparalleled shine.
  • CAT (continuous automatic tempering): The CAT series is the best choice for production lines that require a constant flow of tempered chocolate.
  • MATS (melting and tempering system): The MATS machines combine a melting tank and tempering machine in one mobile unit.
  • TK (tempering kettle): The TK machines melt and temper chocolate batches with the push of a button, allowing you to add additional flavors or ingredients afterward.

Curious about all the possibilities?
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