Chocolate machines for artisanal and industrial applications

Whether you are an industrial chocolatier, artisanal chocolate maker, or a passionate baker with a love for chocolate, at Betec, you will find the ideal chocolate machine that suits your needs. As a Belgian manufacturer of high-quality chocolate machines, we offer a comprehensive range of solutions for the chocolate processing process. From melting tanks to tempering machines, molding, enrobing, dosing, and decorating machines, to cooling tunnels, and more. Our strength lies not only in robust, reliable, and solid standard machines but also in tailor-made solutions.

Explore the complete world of chocolate processing with Betec. Our innovative machines, from melting tanks to decorating machines, deliver unmatched precision, efficiency, and quality for both artisanal and industrial producers. Optimize every step in your chocolate production with Betec's leading-edge technology.


Why Betec?

At Betec, we aim for sustainability, user-friendliness, and innovation in all our chocolate machines. Here are some key reasons why you choose Betec:

  1. Experience and expertise: Betec has a well-established reputation and years of experience as a manufacturer of high-quality chocolate machines. The company possesses in-depth knowledge and expertise in the field of chocolate processing.
  2. Innovative technology: Betec integrates innovative technologies into its machines, providing customers with advanced and efficient solutions in chocolate processing.
  3. Wide Range of Solutions: Betec offers a comprehensive range of chocolate machines that meet the needs of both industrial and artisanal chocolatiers. From melting to tempering, molding, enrobing, dosing, decorating, to cooling, Betec has various solutions in-house.
  4. Customization and Flexibility: Betec understands that each production environment is unique. Therefore, alongside standard machines, Betec offers tailor-made solutions. This allows customers to obtain machines that perfectly fit their specific production requirements.
  5. Quality and reliability: Betec is renowned for its robust and reliable machines. The emphasis on quality and durability ensures that customers can rely on consistent performance.
  6. Belgian Craftsmanship: As a Belgian company, Betec benefits from the rich tradition and expertise that Belgium holds in the field of chocolate. The company contributes to this heritage by delivering high-quality machines.
  7. Focus on a customer-centric approach and customer satisfaction: Betec adopts a customer-centric approach and aims to meet the unique requirements and expectations of each customer. Customer needs take center stage in the design of solutions.
  8. Use of standard components: We construct our machines using as many standard components as possible. This ensures that you can obtain spare parts anywhere in the world. In the event of a malfunction, you can quickly and easily find spare parts in your local market, minimizing downtime for your machine.
  9. Installation, education, and training: Upon sale, we always offer installation and startup for those who desire it. After the installation, testing, and calibration of the machine, you will receive a brief training on its operation and maintenance. We also share simple tricks and tips, enabling you to operate the machine optimally from the outset. If you have any further questions later on, we are always here to assist you.
  10. After-Sales Support: Betec provides excellent after-sales support, including training and service, to ensure that customers get the most out of their machines.
  11. International Presence: Betec has a global presence, serving customers worldwide. This reflects the confidence that global chocolate producers have in Betec's solutions
  12. Sustainability and Environmental Awareness: Betec takes sustainability into account in its production processes and strives for environmentally conscious solutions, appealing to customers with a focus on sustainability.

Our range

Explore our extensive range of chocolate machines :

Melting tanks :

Choose the perfect melting tank for your chocolate business at Betec. Our innovative melting machines ensure meticulous melting with temperature control, preservation of taste, and efficiency. Explore various models for both craft and industrial scales. Melt chocolate faster, efficiently, and with top quality.

Choose the perfect melting tank for your chocolate business at Betec. Whether you are producing on a craft or industrial scale, we offer fast, efficient, and reliable equipment. Our innovative melting machines ensure a meticulous melting process with control over temperature, pressure, and agitation, resulting in an optimal end product. Benefits include optimal temperature control, preservation of taste and aroma, perfect viscosity, and efficiency with side and bottom scrapers. Our melting tanks, meeting rigorous food safety standards, are aesthetically pleasing and hygienic, designed with a motor at the bottom for maximum accessibility. Choose from various models for your workshop, ranging from single to triple melting tanks. With Betec, you melt chocolate faster, more efficiently, and with top quality.

Tempering machines :

Elevate your chocolate tempering with Betec's reliable and precise machines. Whether artisanal or industrial, our tempering machines offer constant temperatures, stable crystal structures, and touchscreen controls. Explore manual or automatic options, preserving the quality of your chocolate with every batch.

Betec makes chocolate tempering effortless, whether you're working on a craft or an industrial scale. Our machines offer reliability and precision, saving time and preserving the quality of your chocolate. Choose from manual or advanced automatic tempering machines. Manual machines provide artisanal control and easy cleaning, while automatic machines minimize human errors. Maintaining constant temperatures, they preserve a stable crystal structure for high-quality chocolate. Choose the machine that suits your production scale from various series, each user-friendly with touchscreen controls for precise adjustments. Betec guarantees the perfect temperature at the right moment, ensuring your chocolate meets the highest quality standards.

Molding or chocolate pouring machines :

Master the art of chocolate molding with Betec. Our machines cater to artisanal and industrial needs, ensuring perfect chocolate bars, figures, and pralines. From manual to automatic models, our machines add speed, accuracy, and customizable features to your chocolate molding process.

Explore chocolate molding with Betec. Our machines provide masterful solutions for chocolate bars, figures, and pralines. In the MB series, you experience artisanal chocolate preparation, with manual tempering and digitally controlled settings. For automatic perfection, choose the MT and AT series with touchscreen controls. GPE and GPI versions add speed and accuracy. The ML and CL series offer advanced molding lines with automatic chocolate feeding. Betec understands that chocolate molding is an art born out of passion and dedication. Discover our range online or request a no-obligation quote. Choose Betec as your partner in the art of chocolate and let your creations shine.

Enrobing, glazing or coating machines :

Coat your chocolate products with precision using Betec's enrobing machines. Efficient, precise, and designed for quality, our machines feature adjustable components for flawless finishing. From small enrobing belts to customized solutions for specific products, Betec enhances your chocolate coating work.

Discover the masterful enrobing machines from Betec, designed for the perfect processing of chocolate during the coating of chocolate and confectionery products. Betec stands out for efficiency, precision, and dedication to top quality. The small enrobing belt, equipped with advanced features, possesses all the characteristics of large enrobing machines but is specifically designed to meet your needs. Adjustable components, such as the chocolate curtain tray, the customizable lower bath, the variable-speed fan, vibration function, compensating roller, and the heated starting unit, ensure flawless finishing of your coated product. Betec also offers customized solutions for specific products such as donuts and ice cream, allowing enrobing machines to adapt to your unique requirements. Contact Betec for the ideal solution in chocolate coating work. Achieve perfection in chocolate craftsmanship, where excellence meets innovation.

Cooling tunnels and belts for various products:

Ensure the quality of your chocolate products with Betec's cooling tunnels and belts. From horizontal to vertical configurations, Betec offers economic and industrial models tailored to your product needs. Explore reliable cooling solutions designed for efficient cooling of molded chocolate products to chocolate-coated items.

Betec underscores the vital importance of precise cooling after the final step in chocolate production. With a range of cooling tunnels, both horizontal and vertical, Betec provides business solutions for diverse production processes. From cooling towers with spiral conveyors to vertical cooling towers (parternoster) in a refrigerated room and cooling tunnels with modular conveyors or PU belts, all cooling applications, such as cooling tunnels and belts, are designed for the efficient cooling of molded chocolate products to chocolate-coated items. Betec offers economic and industrial models tailored to your product needs, available space, and customer budget, meeting the highest standards in the food industry. Choose Betec for reliable cooling solutions that ensure the quality of chocolate products.

Filling and dosing machines :

Discover perfect precision and efficiency with Betec's dosing and filling machines. From automatic tempering/dosing machines to the Boss 275 one-stroke gear-driven dosing machine. Optimize your chocolate production with Betec's advanced filling solutions.

Experience the precision and efficiency of Betec's dosing machines, designed to accurately handle liquid masses such as chocolate and fillings. Our automatic tempering and dosing machines, such as the MT 80 GPE or GPI, are ideal for dosing tempered chocolate into blister packs and chocolate molds. The innovative Boss 275 one-shot gear-driven dosing machine effortlessly dispenses or injects chocolate as a filling in one go. The CFD, a volumetric dosing machine with a C-frame, is perfect for spraying and dosing fillings on molding lines. The FM or FMD volumetric piston dosing machine offers advanced filling capabilities. Additionally, these types of machines are equipped with a vibration function and the option to install a double buffer hopper, significantly increasing production capacity. Betec's dosing machines are the key to achieving perfect results in chocolate production.

Decorating machines :

Add a touch of magic to your premium chocolate products with Betec's decorating machines. Choose from granulate drum decorator, sprinkler 'rainfall' decorating machine, multi-granulate decorating machine, or precision granulate decorating machine. Explore the versatility and precision of Betec's chocolate decoration.

Betec's decorating machines add a touch of magic to your premium products. Choose from a granulate drum decorator, sprinkler 'rainfall' decorating machine, multi-granulate decorating machine, or precision granulate decorating machine. If you prefer decorating lines with chocolate or sugar mass, our line decorating machine is perfect for you. With immense precision, placed in a heated space, and equipped with an automatic cleaning system, our chocolate line decorating machines are versatile for chocolate, compound, or sugar mass. Explore the CPM 800 cocoa coating machines, specially designed for efficient, uniform coating of truffles with cocoa. In essence, discover the magic of decoration with Betec.

General Accessories :

Find tailor-made solutions for your unique requirements with Betec's general accessories. Whether it's a water-heated pipeline, trolley, heating cabinet, standalone pump unit, stainless steel work tables, or custom solutions – Betec offers a wide range of accessories for a seamless chocolate production process.

Not finding what you're looking for? Explore other solutions that may not fall under the previous titles. Whether it's a water-heated pipeline, a trolley for easy machine relocation, a heating cabinet, a standalone pump unit, stainless steel work tables, steps, or a platform for safe working at heights – we provide tailor-made solutions. Check out our offerings under 'General Accessories' on the website. And if you don't find what you're looking for there, we can create it entirely customized for you.

Betec not only provides high-quality chocolate machinery but also offers customized solutions for the most demanding production environments.

Explore our online catalog for more information about our machines, or feel free to contact us for a no-obligation quote. Choose Betec for sustainability, innovation, and reliable performance in all your chocolate processing needs.

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